Are Your Supplements Absorbable?

I am behind on posting! Our class covered supplementation and stress and toxins since I last blogged.
Supplementation is only necessary because the foods we eat are nutrient depleted. Green harvesting, over-harvesting, and depleted soils all contribute to the problem. Sometimes the solution becomes a problem in and of itself.
Did you ever wonder why most doctors don’t recommend supplementation? Those who are educated on supplements know that many of them are more detrimental than they are helpful. The cheaper brands are synthetically made and often don’t even dissolve before they pass through our bodies. This is actually the better option because when our body encounters foreign matter it either excretes it or it isolates it and views it as a toxin. Sometimes the end result can be gall stones, or kidney stones.
I tell people to not even bother to take vitamins if they are buying a synthetic variety. If it is sourced from food the label will clearly state that it is. If not, buyer beware. A simple test to see if you are totally wasting your money is to put your vitamin in a glass of water and let it sit for 45 minutes. If it doesn’t dissolve, it isn’t dissolving inside of you either! If it makes you feel better, you can even add a few drops of vinegar to simulate the acids in the stomach. If your vitamin remains intact you can congratulate yourself that at least you aren’t developing calcium based kidney stones.
There are some decent brands that are partially food based, and they are about 20% absorbable. Better brands (typically costing around $35-50 per month) are absorbable at an 80-85% rate. The best option would be to to obtain all our nutrition from our food supply. Up until I was introduced to Smart Mix I didn’t think it was possible to consume enough food to get all the nutrition we need. With the development of a Moringa product that is still enzymatically alive, it is now not only possible, but simple and inexpensive.
If you are tired of taking pills, or aren’t feeling any different with your current supplementation regime, I encourage you to investigate and try an 8 day sample pack.

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