Weight Management Made EASY 

Are you tired of diets?

Something easy?

Ready for something new?

No diet, no cravings...

If you ask her, Dee Dee will be the first person to tell you that diets don’t work. Instead, Dee Dee helps her clients make life-long changes to improve their weight and health. Diets simply don’t keep the weight off, but easy lifestyle improvements can quickly pay off.

BMI (Body Mass Index) is a measurement of body fat based on height and weight (more)

Dee Dee Shaw is a Certified Weight Management Coach and uses her expertise and personal experience to help clients make better choices. It’s simple. Through empowerment techniques, nutrition knowledge and exercise tips, Dee Dee helps her clients improve their lives. She looks at the whole picture – health, habits, food, daily schedule and more. Each suggestion is tailored for the clients’ lifestyle, which makes the tips easy to apply to every day life.

Dee Dee’s passion is tangible. She provides easy to apply suggestions and simple solutions to nearly any barrier to health her clients may have. Using a proven weight loss system, paired with expert coaching, her clients walk away motivated, fit, skinnier, healthier and happier.

Join Bonnie, Jo and Terry on their weightloss journeys. Support them or tell us your story.

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Do you eat enough fat? How do you know which fats are good and which are bad? Visit the blog section to find out more.

"DeeDee is truly dedicated to providing health solutions for her clients. She works very hard in presenting the great benefits she offers, and in finding solutions that benefit her clients. Her product knowledge and excellent presentation skills are a tremendous asset to whomever she comes in contact with in life. DeeDee helps bring out the best in other people."

- Don English
Vice President, Engineered Pest Solutions

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